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Let’s talk about Facebook updates for your business page.

No, not your personal page, your business one, the one that says (in my case this is <– Shameless plug for my facebook page, which you are now obliged to go and like.

I read an article earlier today that was advocating a minimum of 6 facebook updates and 6 tweets a day for a new business.

My first thought was, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Six Facebook updates a day!?

When I’d calmed down, I thought, that well, 6 might be okay, if you’re a popular national newspaper, and there are six news stories on any given day that would be of direct interest.

Four would be acceptable if you were a popular regional newspaper, and three if you were a fledgeling local business with a firm group of loyal fans.

But for a new business? A small home based business? 6 is is tantamount to spam, and will get you unliked faster than you can say the word spam.

As a new business, you have to do it better, and cleaner than everyone else  (name that movie I’m misquoting) in order to gain a following, and in my book that means no more than 1, or maybe 2 updates per day. They’d better be good links too, either to your blog post (which of course is the pinnacle of all things helpful and or interesting), or to something of direct relevance to your industry or customers.

My personal challenge with facebook is the total opposite, I probably don’t update my facebook status enough!  Once or twice a week is what I’m managing at the moment. (Mentally resolves to try harder), and yes, I could get a much better result from posting more often, so I’m going to try and post  facebook updates  more regularly, once a day from now on..

Remember we’re talking about facebook business page updates, not personal status updates, but while we’re on the subject, you might want to think about how often you update that too.  Do you really need to tell someone how many sit ups you just did? My guess is that if you don’t need to call Guinness to list you about it, then it’s probably best to be left off facebook.  By all means, if you’re out for a run, then please take a picture and share it, that’s cool, that’s *something*, it’s not just “blah blah noise”.

So from here on out, I suggest:

  1. Post your facebook update once in the morning, when facebook gets high volume access in your time zone. (Who doesn’t check their facebook time line with bleary eyes on their smart phones in bed? Come on, you know you do!)
  2. Schedule another update for later in the day when the Americans wake up. (that’s around lunch time if you’re in the UK like me).

That should be enough to get you started. Once you start to gain a following that is actively engaging with your brand, then, hey – why not add a third around the time after dinner when everyone is either sitting down watching television and playing around on their phones at the same time.

So confession time, how often do you update your facebook business or personal page? Tell me in the comments box.

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