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I need a logo for my business” is usually the first thing that you think about, right after you have that lightbulb moment that is your business idea.

But most people don’t know where to start.

The best place to start is with your business, and what your business does.

You should have an idea of who your future customers are, what they are looking for, combined with who you are, what you offer and what your unique selling point is BEFORE you even begin the logo design process.


If you’re prepared and already have the information I mentioned above organised into a neat business plan, then the next step is to look through tens if not hundreds of logos and ear mark the ones you like.


Years ago, I was having a logo designed for a small business I started for fun in order to finance my expensive horse riding habit. It was my first experience of working with a graphic designer.

I spent three hours looking through books and post-it-noting the ones that drew my eye.

The graphic designer in question, was brilliant – as I finished with the first book, she would begin to go through my selections to try to see a pattern while I continued with the next book.

Where I had marked something that strayed from the pattern she was forming, she would ask me what about that particular design had appealed to me, the colour? The shape? The texture?

It was a process that helped to clarify what I really wanted.

I had gone into the meeting with a basic idea of what I wanted, but in reality, had NO IDEA at all!

This is a place where I find many customers get stuck. They are so sure they know what they want, but realistically they only know what they like.

You have to get to a place where you’ve looked at hundreds of logos and show your graphic designer what you like and also tell them WHY.

A good graphic designer can interpret your likes and find a way to promote your business values in a way that you like and that embodies your logo design tastes as well.

To this day, I  follow a similar process with my clients (if they are geographically convenient to me), and if they are web based and on the other side of the planet, then hello, we have the web at our fingertips and a thousand logos are just a simple internet search away. A quick screenshot snapshot later in an email – and you’re already light years closer to your logo the way you want it!

So when searching for that perfect logo, start by shopping for a logo with your eyes.

Screenshot anything you see (that’s Cmd+shift+4 on a Mac or Alt+Prntscreen on a PC) that you like, and try to determine what it is about that particular design that you like. Most designers would be happy to accept a simple word document from you with all of that information pasted in, or even just an email with several “liked” logo screenshots attached.

Believe it or not – it’s easier to work like this, than it is when clients say, “You have free artistic reign – just design something that you like” – which as it turns out is never exactly what the clients likes.

What about crowdsourcing? I hear some of you ask. Well, that’s a whole different ball game. Crowdsourcing sites are places that get many designers to design to one brief with only one designer “Winning” the job and getting paid. We do NOT support spec work or support the abuse of designers in this fashion. We believe that everyone should be paid for their work. There is no such thing as free out in the real world, and there is no reason why there should be in the design world either, just because we’re nice!

So do you want to know where to start looking at logos? Try looking at this design marketplace (link), it’s as good a place as any to start to define what you want out of a logo.

So are you ready to start working on your logo? Please contact us.I need a logo for my business