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Remember this theme customization I mentioned before? Well the end product is now live and working over at Marcy’s Moments Captured.

I love how seeing how projects develop and you’ll see that the final product while similar in look and feel to the original screenshot I posted, in terms of colour scheme and design, but we’ve completely reworked the layout, working from the original theme “Elegant” by NetRivet.

It’s always an exciting time seeing a client proudly announce their new website on Facebook, and even lovelier to see the positive feedback they receive on their new site. It reminds me how truly blessed I am to work in a field of work that I love.

Feel free to pop over to the site and take a closer look.

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ProPhoto Original “Elegant” Theme by NetRivet, Inc
Website backgound adapted from
All other conceptualisation, creative content, design, palette selection, execution, and installation by The VMCA.