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It’s a whole new look for this project that I showcased with my last blog post.

It’s fascinating how a project can begin at a starting point, appear to look as though it’s going one way, and then go in a completely different direction. Just one of the things that I love about this career path, it never fails to be interesting!

After a complete rework, and some gentle additions to the palette, it’s an overall much fresher look, whilst still retaining the essential structure of the original theme from Prophoto. It’s amazing what you can do, with WordPress themes these days, and personally I love the robust theming engine that Prophoto offers it’s users, and those of us who provide design customizations for it.

If you are interested in having us customize a theme for you, please get in touch by way of the contact page.

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ProPhoto Original “Late August” Theme by NetRivet, Inc
All other conceptualisation, creative content, design, palette selection, execution, and installation by The VMCA.