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What do I blog about?

Indeed, this is a question asked by nearly every new blogger.

Congratulations! Your new website design is live, your navigation is populated with all the right things (about me, contact etc), and your blog is prepped and ready for literary awesomeness.

what do I blog about?

Now what?

Here is a great idea to get you started on what to blog about:

What do your customers need?

Examine how your product might solve that need. Maybe your customers have other needs surrounding your business product, provide helpful information around the subject that your customers will find useful.

  • Example a) if you’re a cake shop, and your customers need cake ideas for a wedding, then do a blog post about the different varieties of cake styles on offer, but also offer information on where to find a good caterer – then if you’re really smart, you’ll team up with a caterer that you can recommend, who will offer your information to their customers in return.
  • Example b) if you’re a photographer, provide helpful information on what your clients should wear to their shoot – and then show samples of your work on how everyone wearing white vs everyone wearing black can create very different moods in group portraits.
  • Example c) if you’re a landscaper, tell your customers how they could be raking up their leaves at this time of year, and then how best to dispose of the heaps of leaves, then blog about the  garden maintenance service you offer.

The opportunities are endless! 

“What do I blog about?” need never stump you again!