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The use of WordPress themes is a widely accepted process these days for new businesses and start ups, and even if your business has been established for some time, but wants a fresh new look, and fast.

Today I want to showcase 3 great themes I found that are suited to the Automotive industry.

1. Tucana Theme (available here)

promo shot

But let’s take a closer look…


A clean theme with appropriate metallic textures, with the space for a car right under the masthead.

2.  Automotive  Theme (available here)


A closer look at this one reveals lots of options before coding – whether you want a wide screen photograph, or a series of interchangeable slides.


3. Double Theme (available here)


My personal favourite of the three themes


While all three themes have many elements in common, such as the large masthead image and slider options, it’s clear that there is plenty of room for creativity within one industry, the reason that this one is a particular favourite is because of the tyre tracks on the top left and bottom right of the masthead image. It’s an emotive touch that the other two lack.

WordPress themes for the automotive industry are worth exploring as an option if you are needing a website with built in functionality that looks great, and can be built fast.